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March 3, 2006

Random Notes

A few random thoughts to ponder:


  • The price of private schools in  Hawaii is going up again, as always, easily beating the inflation index.  As there is still a waiting list of qualified applicants, this annual news item should come as no surprise.

  • Students in public schools are taking their state assessment exams, and innovative means to reduce student pressure are being pushed by the schools.  Now we need to find some way to relieve the pressure on the teachers and administrators, and to make sure that the parents realize their responsibility in properly feeding and encouraging their keiki on a regular basis.

  • With the Olympics over and post-games second guessing going on ad nauseum, it's nice to see our own UH athletic teams on the rise this spring- from revived men's and women's basketball teams, to men's volleyball and baseball teams on a roll, to tennis, track, swimming, golf, and softball all seeing success.  It's a great time to be a Warrior and Wahine fan.

Competition in the classroom and competition on the field of play- realities of life that hopefully brings out the best in everyone here.  Think about it…

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