Teenage Girl Attacked By Shark In Maui Waters

Makena, Maui
Makena, Maui

(KHNL)  It's believed that a shark in waters off Maui on Monday left a teenage girl with a 15-inch gash in her leg.

The attack happened just days after a man's body was discovered with shark bites.

Monday afternoon's attack showed that sharks can strike anywhere in the ocean.

It happened in the waters off of Makena's "Big Beach" in 1-to-3 feet of water.

A 15-year-old girl was in the water with two male friends when the shark struck her, causing a foot long wound to her calf.

She was taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

Police cleared everyone from the water following the attack.

Those same beaches had been cleared just days earlier when the remains of a missing diver washed up after being bitten by a shark.

the state searches for any sharks - or signs of sharks - Tuesday morning.

If none are spotted the beaches could reopen at noon.