Neighborhood Bully Ordered to Undergo Drug Treatment

David Domingues
David Domingues
Circuit Judge Steven Alm
Circuit Judge Steven Alm
Taylor Ishida
Taylor Ishida

(KHNL) - He's accused of terrorizing an entire neighborhood for years. Some of those neighbors got the chance to vent their frustrations and fear in court Monday.

Nine-year-old Taylor Ishida sits in a courtroom, just a few feet away from the man who, she says, used to yell at her. Listed as being five-feet, four-inches tall, David Domingues was a giant bully in this Kaneohe neighborhood.

"Aside from being fearful, I'm upset because we are all law-abiding citizens," Neal Ishida said through tears. "And I expect he do the same. We were literally prisoners in our homes, while he blatantly disregarded the law."

The 38-year-old Domingues now admits he tormented his neighbors.

Monday he pled guilty to two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening. Domingues asked the judge to release him from custody, so he can enter a drug treatment program.

"Just sorry," Domingues said. "There's things that just wen happen like that. Never planned nothing. And just sorry."

Neighbors, still fearing for their safety, oppose the move.

"Justice is just as important as rehab," neighborhood resident Monte Kapec said. "If Mr. Domingues is released to rehab, we are sending a message to all of our communities that it is okay to commit crimes if you are on drugs."

Even so, the judge approved the release, saying the defendant needs treatment.

"Even if you didn't go back to this community, you're going to be living somewhere," Circuit Judge Steven Alm said. "That means you have got to change."

Although the victims argued against the motion for supervised release, they later supported the judge's decision to release the defendant to the drug treatment program.

Taylor's just relieved that the neighborhood bully is gone.

"I don't have to just stay in front of our house," the nine-year-old said. "So I can ride my bike up and down."

The maximum penalty for each count of first-degree terroristic threatening is five years in prison. Domingues is scheduled to be sentenced May 15th.