Pothole Patching Continues with Rain Activity

(KHNL)  The state says it feels like its winning the war on potholes.

But officials are aware that more could pop up this week. Forecasters are predicting heavy rains.

"Obviously when we have rain, it might lead to more potholes," said DOT spokesman Scott Ishikawa. "But on the good side, we have been repaving a lot of our roads, and are gonna repave several more this year, so we look like we're catching up on the pothole problem."

Ishikawa says the department used to get about 50 pothole calls a day. He says that number has dropped to about ten a day. He attributes the drop in complaint calls to the repaving work on Nimitz Highway, Moanalua Freeway and Castle Junction.

"We think we're in better shape now than we were two years ago," said Ishikawa. "What we have to do is keep repaving our roads and take care of them instead of letting them go to long without having to resurface them again."

But all the roads can't be repaved at once. Ishikawa says the crews will continue to patch up any potholes until then. He adds that the state has "aggressive" plans to attack the problem, which includes repaving several areas.

They include:

- a 7.5 mile stretch of Kamehameha Highway from Waiahole to Crouching Lion (underway)

- Kamehameha Highway in Kaneohe, from the State Veterans Cemetery to Castle Junction (underway)

- Pali Highway below Waokanaka (underway)

- Farrington Highway through Waipahu (April 2006)

- Nimitz Highway/Ala Moana Blvd, downtown to Waikiki (summer/fall 2006)

"We're just gonna ask the public for their patience keep repaving," said Ishikawa.