Wet Weather to Continue

Robert and Karen Casias
Robert and Karen Casias

(KHNL) Rain poured down on parts of Oahu Sunday afternoon and it appears the dreary day is somewhat of a preview to what we ll be seeing in the islands this week. The rain was sporadic and scattered but it still couldn't dampen everyone's day.

The clouds above the Koolaus were a sign of things that happened and things to come. Rain (and lots of it) made driving down th H3 a little more treacherous than usual. Signs inside the tunnel warned of the wet roads.

On the windward side brown water filled the Waikane stream from rain earlier in the day. It also left the bridge a muddy mess. Waikiki Beach didn seem like its normal self, but it was still spectacular for a couple from San Diego celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

"I think I expected a little more sunshine but it's been absolutely beautiful, lot of activities you can do when the weather's kinda overcast anyways" said Karen Casias.

"For us it s been a lot like home. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but every other day we've had a little bit of everything, rain, a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of clouds" said Robert Casias.

That s exactly how it's been, dry in Waikiki. But in manoa the rain poured down. Clouds blocked the mountains, making our normally blue skies white. But even with all the rain, Hawaii is still paradise to many.

"Personally I'd like to see a storm on the North Shore side, so I could see some waves, but we can't complain it s been real nice, even with all the rain."

There have been no reports of flooding or damage from the sudden downpours.