Hawaii Ports Not Up to Standards

(KHNL)  A new study shows Hawaii needs more than a half billion dollars to bring its ports up to par.

The study commissioned by the group "HHUG" or Hawaii Harbor Users Group says critical updates are needed to keep both goods and services and people moving.

Gary North, CEO of Matson Navigation, says traffic on water is growing faster than gridlock on the H-1.

"Inter-island traffic since 2001 has increased 33% and and we've seen an increase of container traffic up by 24% since last year."

North is among several harbor users who say improving our harbors is much more than just a maritime issue.  Robert Kritzman, head of Norwegian Cruise Lines agrees.

"It's an issue that affects both cargo and and passengers. We realize a solution would require need a concerted effort with the state, counties and communities at large."

Kritzman says if harbor improvements are not addressed, harbor users will no longer be able to efficiently service the state.

And that could result in both increased costs and a potential shortage of goods.