Governor Seeks Input On Design of Hawaii State Quarter

Governor Linda Lingle
Governor Linda Lingle
Marsh Weinert speaks at news conference
Marsh Weinert speaks at news conference

(KHNL) There's good news for coin collectors. The final state quarter representing Hawaii will soon be minted and you can have a say in how this special quarter will be designed. The Hawaii Commemorative Quarter Commision will work to get a coin that s just 'money'.

"Our coin should be released in the fall of 2008. Were a few years down the road. It's actually going to be minted for about ten weeks. They say the shelf life of these coins is about 30 years" said tourism liason Marsh Weinert.

The commision is made up of about 40 leaders in Hawaii s business, government, education, culture and art fields. The governor will have the task of submitting the final design for the state, but not without some input from the public.

"Once the coin is chosen, I hope everyone feels that it is representative of our state" said Governor Linda Lingle.

Thirty-six state quarters have been released to date. Hawaii's quarter commision chairman said the group has learned from other states what does and doesn't work .

"Being the 50th state has its benefits including going last. The advantage is the process has been refined and we can apply other state's experience" said Johnathan Johnson of the Commemorative Quarter Commission.

Governor Lingle said she will choose a design that symbolizes the state and also shares with the rest of the country Hawaii s proud history, unique geography and rich diversity.

"I would predict that this will be the most collected of the 50 coins. Now you might say, you're just taking prtide because it's your state, but I really beleive that. Because it's the last one. It's the one that completes the set. It s the 50th out of the 50 states and I think that it will be in huge demand" said Lingle.

And if you have a suggestion for Hawaii's state quarter, visit the governor's website, where you can submit your own description of what you d like to see on the coin. The commission will choose a few of them to submit to the U.S. mint no later than July.