UH Regents Want McClain to Stay

UH interim president David McClain at Friday's UH Regents meeting.
UH interim president David McClain at Friday's UH Regents meeting.

(KHNL)  David McClain took the job as University of Hawaii president on an interim basis, while the school checked with search firms to find someone to take over.

But a funny think happened during the selection process.

"As we were talking to the search firms and they were describing what makes a good system president we all looked at each other and said they're describing David McClain," said UH Regent Kitty Lagareta.

Last year, McClain announced he did not plan to actively seek the job, saying he had other professional and personal goals to pursue in the coming years.

"While I'm not, was not actively seeking the position, I really feel the board needs to do a national search. And the board went down that road," McClain said.

McClain served as head of the UH business school before taking over as interim president a year and a half ago.

"I think, in our view, we found in Dr. McClain someone who has that business savvy," Lagareta said. "In the college of business it flourished under his leadership."

Last year McClain said if were chosen to head UH, he would only be able to do so until 2009. It's unclear if that remains his agenda, but for now it appears he will be dropping the word "interim" from his title of university president.

"I've had a lot of fun leading the university so far," McClain said. "And when people recognize that you're doing a good job, that's obviously very gratifying."