HPD Officers File Harassment Lawsuit

Det. Sheryl Sunia
Det. Sheryl Sunia

(KHNL) Three HPD officers are filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against the department.

One of the plaintiffs is Sheryl Sunia, who is under an internal investigation for a separate incident.

Now, she's accusing the department of making an inappropriate statement and showing an offensive video at a police meeting in November 2003.

"It was video of people sky diving naked," said Sunia.

The veteran detective says she was disgusted by it and the fact that commanders allegedly saw the video and didn't do anything about it. Sunia is also accusing someone from HPD of making an inappropriate statement.

"It was a medical procedure that occurred," said Sunia.

She's one of three officers who are filing charges against the department.

"Basically there all alleging the same thing, sexual harassment on behalf of others," said Venetia Carpenter-Asui, attorney for the plaintiffs.

Sunia is also filing charges of retaliation, whistle-blowing and gender discrimination. She was recently accused of falsifying a report and lying in court. She was cleared of criminal charges but an administrative investigation continues.

"All this negative talk in the media, all this negative things that's coming out, that's not true," said Sunia.

Sunia was removed from her position and has since been working in the criminal investigation division. She is asking for her job back.

Carpenter-Asui is planning to add more charges and possibly another officer to the lawsuit.

HPD declined to comment.