Lawmakers Consider Suspending Gas Cap

(KHNL) With the state's cap on wholesale gas prices scheduled to drop another 16-cents on Monday, some drivers say they have trouble keeping up with all the changes.

"I just think it's wacky. They go up, the go down, it's just ridiculous," said Linda Tsai as she filled the tank of her van at Kahala Shell.

Now the gas cap may be suspended if lawmakers in the state House get their way.

"Basically the implementation of the gas cap was not as we expected," said Rep. Marcus Oshiro, House Majority Leader.

"The enforcement was not as vigorous as we thought it could be," Oshiro said.

Passing laws to force oil companies to release more information about their profits could be more effective than the gas cap, House Democrats say.

"That way we can better idea whether or not consumers are being price gouged at the consumers expense and the oil companies are making outrageous profits," Oshiro said.

One of the gas cap's key supporters is Senate Consumer Protection Chairman Ron Menor, who said he will do everything he can to make sure the cap stays in place.

"I cannot support a repeal because I think that would really be caving in to the oil industry that doesn't want to be regulated," Menor said.

Menor is proposing changes to the cap which he says could save drivers an extra 16-cents per gallon.

"Instead of talking about a repeal or suspension, legislators ought to be seriously considering strengthening and improving the law so we can provide even greater savings to consumers," Menor said.