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February 17, 2006

Baby Blues

You finally get a nice relaxing night out at the movies.  And just when the dancers finish their dramatic hula before the previews, it begins.  A crying baby... Ok, that happens, we've all been there.  But the rules of civility state that if you choose to bring junior to the flicks, then you are responsible for removing junior when he or she acts up.  Pronto. Nothing like a poignant moment in a Ben Stiller comedy ruined by an off screen whiner...

I wonder if those same parents or caretakers are the ones that love to have the baby standing next to them while they drive.  Now there's an interesting tact to take- giving your child freedom while you are cruising down the road at 40 miles per hour.  Why not simply stamp "projectile" on your kid's forehead?  Buckle 'em up, it takes 30-seconds; end of story.

So put seat belts on your keiki and keep them out of the theatre if they're having a bad hair day or whatever.  Two simple requests that don't require a master's degree in child-rearing or sociology to help make life a little more enjoyable for everyone.  Think about it…


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