Education and Gas

Here's a riddle for you. How are gas prices and education in  Hawaii alike?  The answer is pretty simple.  They are both great topics of discussion, and both issues that we basically do nothing about.  For years we have heard about the need for finding alternative fuel sources and reducing our dependency on foreign oil.  And then SUVs sell better than ever.  And then no one uses the carpool lane.  And then we lament what we must pay at the pump, but do nothing to change our lifestyles.


Then there's the public education issue here.  Principals are making mandated cuts, music and art programs are going away, librarians and counselors are being displaced, and in the meantime, our economy has rarely been better, but we don't want to simply throw money at the problem.


My goodness, what will happen when the next economic downturn occurs?  Will we turn off the lights to save money, add more kids to already stuffed classrooms, and still require that our teachers make sure the students do better on tests?  Yes, but it sure is nice to talk about how we all care about gas prices and education.  A combustible combination for social discourse, for sure.  Think about it…