Man Charged with Promoting Pornography to a Minor

Sexual predators who prey on children.

Just the thought of them , lurking in the community , scares many parents.

But what many don't realize , is that they are also lurking just a few mouse clicks away.

The latest case involves a 30 year old man caught in the home of a 14 year old boy.

Tuesday night , that man was arrested and charged with not only promoting pornography to a minor and sexually assaulting the boy.  

But he is also charged with initially using his computer to make contact with that child.

Thirty year old Joseph Colasacco was found around midnight on Sunday night in a home on a Kahala street.

According to police reports , he was found on the young boy's bed - pretending to be asleep.

The suspect had also reportedly brought the young boy gay porn magazines and a movie.

According to the boy -- he met Colasacco on the internet.

Meanwhile , just a day earlier , a Maui man was also charged with the electronic enticement of a child. He allegedly sexually assaulted a girl he reportedly met in an internet chat room.

Alleged predators that have targeted our children using computers -- ones who , according to the state attorney general , aren't facing enough punishment for their actions.

"What we need are tougher sentencing for the internet predator there is no reason not to do this. My office has prosecuted a great number of these people and while only a few have gotten any jail time - every one has gotten probation."

According to Bennett - his office is seeing an increase in criminals using computers to get to children.

But there is a bill currently before the Legislature -- that would send all internet predators to jail.

Lawmakers will take a vote on that measure this Friday.