Police Make Bust in Connection with Kapolei High Thefts

Storage room at Kapolei High School where equipment was stolen on two separate occassions.
Storage room at Kapolei High School where equipment was stolen on two separate occassions.

KAPOLEI (KHNL) -- Two burglaries in one weekend left an Oahu public school devastated. But thanks to the sharp eyes of an H.P.D. officer, some of the stolen items have been found.

Police say an officer was on routine patrol in Waipahu Monday, when a cargo van caught his eye. He ran the license plate number through dispatch and was told the plate belonged to a 1991 model vehicle. The problem was the officer was following a 2006 model van. He later discovered property belonging to Kapolei High School inside.

Busted gates and splintered doorways. The repair work continues after back-to-back burglaries at Kapolei High.

"I was just thinking about all the, I guess, the equipment and the damages that occurred at the school," Darren Camello, the school's athletics director, said. "Pretty much it just hurts the kids. A lot of these things are just, you know, to benefit the kids."

Authorities say thieves struck the school's sports complex twice this past weekend, breaking into several storage units. Inside one particular facility, the criminals hit the jackpot.

"Two generators, a lawn mower, weed wacker, a lot of tools, even gas cans were taken," Camello said. "Just a lot of power equipment, things that they probably was trying to sell."

Thousands of dollars worth of equipment were gone.

"These are things that, I guess, through the years we have accumulated for our athletic program, as well as for the school," Camello said. "It was just upsetting."

But a sharp-eyed police officer recovered some of those big-ticket items Monday. Investigators say the officer stopped a stolen van on Poailani Circle in Waipahu and discovered the school's property inside.

"That was somewhat happy news," Camello said. "I just came out of a meeting. I got a call from our, one of our maintenance people, saying that they're going to be going down to the Pearl City Police Station. So, again, we thank the police for helping us out."

Police arrested Raymond Domingo, 35, on suspicion of detaining stolen property and auto theft. Investigators say the van was stolen from a car dealership.