Council Member Seeks to Impound Street Racing Cars

City Council Member Charles Djou
City Council Member Charles Djou

(KHNL) A city council member has come up with a radical new way to deter auto racing on island roads. Councilmember Charles Djou wants police to immediately impound cars involved in street racing. Hawaii raceway park closes next month and racers don t have any options at this point many fear they will take their hot rods to the streets.

Djou says cities like including Los Angeles and San Diego already impound cars if racers break the law.

"If upon immediately doing this the police can impound the vehicle it seems to be a bigger deterent. These vehicles often times represent a tremendous amount of investment for the drivers both in time as well as in money. And while a fine might not deter them, hopefuly impounding the vehcile will actually deter these drivers" said Djou.

Street racing is defined as going 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit or racing another car.