Bill Would Restrict Activities at Kaneohe Bay's Sandbar

Lee Williams
Lee Williams
Robert Rivvard
Robert Rivvard

KANEOHE (KHNL) It s a secluded spot where hundreds of locals go every weekend to hang out with family and friends and to have a good time. But a bill in the state legislature could shut down the fun on the water.

Enjoying a snack, tossing around the pigskin and hanging out with family and friends. It s just a typical day at the sand bar in the middle of Kaneohe Bay.

"We just come out here and enjoy what you see here, probably one of the prettiest hidden gems of Hawaii" said Lee Williams, who is against the bill.

"Both my little girls come out here, they like to come and play in the sand... come meet people. Hang out pretty much, so it s a weekly thing to be able to come out." said Robert Rivvard of Kailua.

But that could soon be no more. A senate bill is looking to make the sand bar a state monument - The bill would prevent the use of radios, alcohol and commercial activities and regulating the boats allowed there

"This is where it's at. This is all we got. We don t want to lose this because this is really important to our families" said Williams.

Right now it is high tide, so the water is covering the sand bar. But when it is low tide, all this becomes sort of an oasis. A big beach in the middle of the ocean. The big beach is often the site of parties and concerts. A concert last labor day got out of hand.

"I was out here that day, and there was a lot of people that don't normally come out here. And they gave it a bad name" said Rivvard.

"We pretty well police ourselves out here. There s no trash out floating in this water. We won't allow that. Basically, why fix something that isn't broke?" said Williams.

The bill was introduced and passed its first reading. It is now in committee hearings. The senator who introduced the bill, Clayton Hee, could not be reached for comment.