Cherished Island Sailor is Remembered

Honolulu Harbor
Honolulu Harbor

(KHNL)  It was a rare sight -- dozens of boats lined up in Honolulu Harbor Saturday morning. It was a memorial parade, in honor of their fallen friend, Capt. David "kawika" Lyman.

"If you were halfway around the world, and you said you were from Hawaii, they would say do you know Dave Lyman," said Ed Enos, a fellow harbor pilot who knew Lyman for more than 30 years. "He was world renowned. Not just here in Hawaii."

"Dave Lyman was Honolulu Harbor."

The 62-year old harbor pilot was killed in a freak accident off Kauai January 29. He fell from a cruise ship ladder, and was struck by the pilot boat. He died from the injuries.

"He's an absolutely wonderful wonderful man, to have met him is to be blessed," said one friend.

A harbor pilot is somebody who drives the ship when entering port, because that is said to be the most dangerous part.

"Everybody here absolutely loves the man," said one friend. "If you met him, you'd love him too. He's so open and generous and sharing and I dunno. I feel lucky just to have met him."

Friends scatted Lyman's ashes in the water at Honolulu Harbor. Boat captains sent messages of aloha over the radio during the "memorial boat parade."

"We send our blessings and our love. We thank you Kawika for the knowledge and mana'o you shared with us. We gonna miss you my brother. Aloha, God bless."

"Aloha pono ohana Lyman. Aloha Kawika. Aloha pumehana from the pono. Aloha."

Lyman's family sent this message over radio. "Without David's friends, there was no David. We know that well. Thank you so much. Aloha au."