HPD Solo Bike Officer Injured in Crash

Crash scene of HPD Solo Bike is marked-off by investigators.
Crash scene of HPD Solo Bike is marked-off by investigators.

(KHNL)  A Honolulu police officer was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after his motorcycle crashed on the Pali Highway. Traffic on the highway slowed to a crawl as police conducted their investigation.

The crash happened near Queen Emma Preschool at about 9:40am Friday morning. The good news is Solo Bike Officer Everett Higa, a seven-year H.P.D. veteran, has been upgraded to good condition.

A police motorcycle in the middle of the roadway. An officer down.

"Lacerations everywhere - face, arms and hand - and complained of abdominal pain," Sgt. James Causey, H.P.D. Solo Bike Detail, said.

Pieces of the bike littered the highway. Police say Officer Everett Higa may have been pursuing speeders on the Kailua-bound side of the Pali.

"This was not a designated, assigned area for enforcement today," Causey said. "But again, when violations occur, we take action. That's why we're investigating the witness statement of two speeding cars that were seen going by, just before the officer came by with blue lights and siren."

The apparent pursuit ended when the motorcycle slammed into a utility pole.

"Tore the front end of the motorcycle off," Causey said. "The officer and the motorcycle continued down the street."

Traffic investigators inspected the battered BMW for any mechanical failure. H.P.D. switched from Harley-Davidsons to BMWs in 2000. It now has 43 of them in its fleet.

"The motorcycle itself has turned out to be an extremely safe motorcycle," Causey said. "These accidents that happen are not the result of the motorcycle, and usually not the rider. It's the other factor."

Causey described Higa as a seasoned officer.

"His training and everything came through with him," he said. "I seriously believe that, or the injuries would have been a lot worse."

If you witnessed the incident, you're asked to call police.

Higa has been with the Solo Bike Detail for nearly five years. Police say he'll remain at the Queen's Medical Center overnight for observation.