Strong Winds Blast Islands

Boats run aground by strong winds at Hilo Bay, Hawaii
Boats run aground by strong winds at Hilo Bay, Hawaii

(KHNL) Strong winds blasted across the state Wednesday. A high wind advisory for Oahu was dropped Wednesday night, but not before leaving its mark.

When the winds started whipping around Hilo Bay, windsurfers delighted in the blustery conditions, but boats took a beating as the wind speeds climbed over 30 then 40 miles an hour.

"40 to 50 mph winds from the just started around noon" said Miles Kawazoe of Hawaii County Fire Department.

For Hilo Bay gusts up to 44 miles an hour pulled boats from their moorings and lead to rescues at sea of ships during the squally winds.

"While we were rescuing the first boat, the Valhalla, a second one lost its mooring and came straight toward the beach area"

There were also dangers on shore as well. Wind whipping through leeward Oahu was the highest of any reporting site. The Waianae Harbor guage got up to 62 miles an hour. Howling winds were felt across the entire state and proved to be too much for some island homes Raging winds rattled roofs and rocked rubbish cans

While each island reported gusts between 35 and 62 miles an hour, there could have been even stronger gusts in areas on mountain slopes or where the wind was channeled between buildings. Because there are only a limited number of wind guages not all wind speeds were recorded.