Schools Rule

The personnel cuts being planned at local public schools are apparently the only way these schools can meet their revised budgets under the new funding formula.  But it doesn't take a PhD to realize that these cuts come with a far greater price tag than simply saving money.


Losing librarians, counselors, student service coordinators, and even custodians will have a far more long-term effect on the kids and perhaps on all of us.  What happens when kids don't have some of their behavioral problems dealt with because no one is available to be trained at school? What happens when motivated kids want to learn more about library usage, but no one is available to turn to?  How does this financial redistribution help us to validate that annual adage that we really do care about education in  Hawaii?  It always comes down to money, what's available, and how it's distributed.


The whole goal of the new Reinventing Education Act of 2004 is to improve student performance. But if too many lose while others in need gain, then this system will be somewhat self-defeating right from the get-go.  Think about it…