Fire Fighters Recover The Body Of An Oahu Diver

Kahe Point Beach Park
Kahe Point Beach Park

(KHNL) Officials say a man drowned in waters off Leeward Oahu Tuesday afternoon.

The Honolulu Fire Department's helicopter stood by, after crews air-lifted the victim's body from the water.

Nearby his long-time friend, David Smith talks to police.

The victim had left his belongings with Smith on the beach just hours before.

"He usually goes fishing off the cliffs," said Smith.

But about a half hour after frye went swimming, Smith heard him yelling.

"I went to see what was going on. I seen him standing on the reef, waist deep in water," Smith said.  "He yelled, help! then he was looking around, then bent over, look in the water, stand back up. I yelled back at him, Ed, help what?"

Smith says conditions were good.

He says the ocean was fairly calm and the surf was not big.

"Then it looked like he swam off in the other direction and I figured everything was okay because he was a good swimmer," Smith said.

That was the last time Smith saw his friend.

Police say kayakers came across his body later.

"I couldn't believe it. He appeared okay. He was an honest, straight up individual."