Justice Kennedy Talks Democracy with Local Students

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Honolulu (KHNL)  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, along with Senior Circuit Judge for the Eighth Circuit Myron Bright, conducted a discussion entitled, "Dialogue on Freedom."

"People think democracy is on auto pilot. it isn't. It has to be taught every generation," said Kennedy.

Justice Kennedy is on a mission to tell students that the U.S. Constitution belongs to the American public.

"It's a priceless gift from the founders to U.S., and we have to understand that. A few years they'll vote. In a few more years, they'll be the trustees of our freedom, our democracy."

More than a dozen students from Farrington High School and a few students from Kahuku High School took part in the discussion. The students prepared all week for the forum.

"He definitely like struck a nerve in me. He made me reconsider my initial notions towards America's international diplomacy and what we give out," said Travis Hancock, Kahuku High senior.

"Teenagers nowadays don't care about what goes on in society. They're into game boy or play station," said Lemona Milo, Farrington High senior.

Justice Kennedy hopes the students will walk away with a better sense of what democracy, freedom and liberty is all about.

"I hope they come out of here knowing what their country means. I hope they come out of here knowing that democracy is at risk. I want them to know that freedom cannot be taken for granted."