Two Drown In Large Surf On Kauai

Shawn Hosaka, Kauai Fire Department
Shawn Hosaka, Kauai Fire Department

(KHNL) The latest swell to roll into the state was was both beautiful and dangerous. On the the island of Kauai the waves proved deadly on Monday. Two men drowned after trying to save a woman who was being swept out to sea.

While the ocean raged off Oahu creating monstrous mountains of water, northern beaches on Kauai were also taking a pounding. Surf this big not only creates powerful waves,.but all that water moving in also forces strong currents to head out. That's what happened Monday at Anini Beach.

"There was a female on a floatation ring...she got pulled out of the channel...her husband and another visitor went in after her - and they got sucked out there also" said Shawn Hosaka of the Kauai Fire Department.

Fire crews and lifeguards were called, but the large waves were too much for rescuers to ride in on jet-skis.

"They were coming in but were hampered. They couldn't come in because of 20 to 30 foot surf. They had to wait for a lull to come in."

And when rescuers did arrive it was too late.

"I watched the woman come in by herself and the other two come in on the back of a jet-ski. They dragged them onto the beach tried to revive them and they never got up" said witness Jason Hall

Glenn Manning of Wichita, Kansas and Ronald Rowlett of Vacaville, California died there at the beach, victims of Hawaii's dangerous and sometimes deadly winter waters.

"During the winter, if you get sucked out of that channel, its dangerous. There was an eddy out there yesterday that they got stuck in" said Hosaka.

The woman originally swept out to sea was brought back to shore shaken but unharmed by the surf and was taken to the hospital for observation.