Families Evicted from KPT

(KHNL)  A new state policy is forcing some families out of their homes much sooner than expected.

On Monday morning, two families were evicted from Kuhio Park Terrace because they were behind on their payments.

This new policy targets people who live in public housing and miss numerous rent payments.

Josephine Wong, who has lupus and other medical problems, owes about $5,000 and Corona Teo, hasn't paid her rent in months.

"It feels very upsetting and frustrating too, because you don't know what you're gonna do next," said Teo.

In the past, these women would've been able to remain in their homes while their case worked its way through the appeals system.

"And it would allow the tenants to have due process but right now, it's not, it's straight up 10-day notice and lockout," said Lusia Wieckowicz with Island Tenants on the Rise.

Supporters have also introduced a bill in the Legislature, which among other things, would give tenants more time to move out.

"If anybody can help me, help me please," said Wong.

Stephanie Aveiro with the Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii, said they ask that tenants pay their rent on time and abide by the rental agreement, just like any other landlord.