Live Fire Training Banned At Makua Valley

David Henrick
David Henrick

(KHNL)  It's a huge victory for groups fighting to protect Hawaiian land.

But it could be a big set back for Schofield soldiers training to go to Iraq a court ruling Thursday upheld the ban on live fire training at Makua Valley.

For ten years Malama Makua's been asking the federal court to ban live fire training at Makua Valley.

The battle is by no means over, but you can chalk one up for Malama Makua.

"The court recognized the importance of protecting irreplacable cultural and biological treasure at makua," said David Henrick of the environmental group Earth Justice. "The court went beyond the army's rhetoric and looked at the facts."

U.S. District Judge Susan Mollway rejected the army's request to resume live fire training exercises at Makua Valley.

It's a decision welcomed by the Hawaiian group Malama Makua and attorneys with Earth Justice

"If the army is allowed to destroy the endangered species found at Makua they will be gone forever and that's what the court recognized and the public had a strong interest in protecting these resources and ensuring the army applies with the law," said Henrick.

The court could allow the training to start up again once the army complete the paperwork it's taken 5 years for the Makua environmental impact statement.

That compares to just two years for the report on the Stryker Brigade.

We were not able to reach the army for comment.