The Ancient Art Of Love Could Affect Your Computer

A warning for all PC users.

If you want to keep important files on your desktop - beware!

There's a new computer worm digging through the internet that could destroy them.

The worm has a lot of names one being the kama sutra worm.

It's called that because it spreads through emails with sexually explicit subject lines - such as "hot movie" or "give me a kiss".

The worm is activated once you click on the attachment of the email.

Instead of an actual attachment, the worm will begin moving through your computer system.

It starts affecting your computer by mass emailing everyone on your contact list.

Then beginning February 3, it will wipe out all your personal files.

"The significant thing about this worm is that on the third of every month, deleting office documents, Excel Power Point, PDF files and make them unusable," said Eric Miyasato of Cowabunga! Computers.

Computer experts say your best defense if to make sure your anti-virus software is updated.

Or a sure fire way to protect your computer, if to avoid opening any emails from unknown users.

Also computer experts say be weary opening attachments from people you know.

It could actually be an infected e-mail.

Only open attachments if you're expecting them.