Great White Shark Sightings

Photo By: Todd Buczyna
Photo By: Todd Buczyna
Photo By: Todd Buczyna
Photo By: Todd Buczyna

This week alone there have now been two great white shark sightings in waters off the Hawaiian islands.

The latest shark sighting happened Wednesday in waters off Maui.

Another shark was spotted about a mile offshore the Leeward coast of North Kohala on Monday.

A group on the Big Island was researching whales when it saw a 14 foot great white.

One volunteer was able to get some amazing pictures of the shark with his underwater camera.

On Wednesday, two men were kayaking back from Molikini Crater off Maui.

They stopped to watch a pod of whales.

That's when Dan Lankheit noticed the dorsal fin of what appeared to be a great white.

The shark brushed up against his kayak then trailed him for some time.

"I saw it was bigger than what my boat was and I thought this is not a good thing," said Lankheit. "I yelled to Bob, 'great white!' I'm not sure it was a great white at the time, but it was much bigger, than what my boat was."

A crew from Maui Dive Shop came by and picked-up Lankheit and his friend Bob.

The crew says the shark was about two feet longer than the kayak.

They were able to chase away the shark.