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February 3, 2006

Court Gestures

Kapolei was going to get a brand-spanking new courthouse complex for $ 95-million.  Not so fast, moneybags.  Now, that complex will apparently cost an extra $ 48-million.  Whoops, someone's fingers must have hit a few wrong calculator buttons.  Blaming the hurricane, fuel costs, and the inability to find local labor might explain some of the under-budgeting, but missing by over 50 % or $ 48-million?


The revised downsized court facility will be less than half the size of the original plan, unless more state money can be appropriated.  This project (like many other projects) offers valid arguments as to why the Legislature should come up with the big bucks.  Unfortunately, something's going to have to give for this project to be realized in its originally intended splendor.


This is not the first or the last example of money issues vs. needs weighing on the Legislature in 2006. We haven't begun to see the politicking for school repair funds.  Stay tuned for on-going dilemmas of self-interest decisions to get re-elected and vote trading in the hallways downtown. It's the reality of politics everywhere.  Think about it.

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