Race Relations

After 42-years,  Hawaii Raceway Park will close in a few months.  Whether or not you care about a legitimate racing site for those who feel the need for speed is beside the point.  The fact that there is a sanctioned venue for car and motor sport enthusiasts is the bottom line, and something needs to be set up quickly to keep the cars and racers in a safe zone, so to speak.


People are going to race their vehicles.  At least with a legal site like Hawaii Raceway Park, the adrenaline rush of racing has been confined to an area established for this purpose.  As it looks like the raceway park simply cannot overcome the cesspool problems that are causing this closure, racers and fans are without a location to rev it up.  There is talk about still saving this site.  Other development ideas have simply not come to fruition, and the clock is really ticking now.


We can talk all we want about educating drivers about racing in our streets, but without a place to ramp up the RPMs, the fear is that highway and side-street incidents will increase, and that's not a promising thought for anyone.  Here's hoping for an amenable solution real soon.  Think about it.