Former Dog Breeder Convicted of Animal Cruelty Turns Over Dogs

James Montgomery
James Montgomery

(KHNL) James Montgomery was convicted of animal cruelty last month, but he was also given a second chance to find his pets another home.

On Wednesday, custody of over 30 dogs taken from Montgomery would have been turned over to the Hawaiian Humane Society, but before the deadline he's been able to sell off most of those animals.

While Montgomery says he's sad to see the dogs go, he is also feeling the pain in his pocket.

The former dog breeder says, "We took a great loss, because the pups that were born here are no longer pups and are much less valuable when they're first sold as puppies."

But he says, ads in the paper, and lots of phone calls have still brought in some to buy the dogs.

By his estimates, what could have brought in $40-50,000 only resulted in sales of several thousand.

But the Hawaiian Humane Society - which has cared for the dogs over the past year and spent over a quarter million dollars in expenses -- feels the money should not go to Montgomery.

"He was guilty of animal cruelty and I don't think he should profit off the dogs he abused," says Darcie Scharfenstein at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Montgomery was charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty, charges he pled guilty to.

Over 60 animals were taken from the filthy conditions, and nurtured at the Humane Society.

As the dogs go to their new homes, there's also bittersweet feeling from the Humane Society workers who had their hopes for happy adoptions.

Scharfenstein says, "Here at the Humane Society, our hope was that we would have had custody and placed them in the right homes."

Montgomery was allowed to sell of the dogs he abused because as the law stands, people aren't forced to forfeit, even if they're convicted of cruelty, but the Hawaiian Humane Society hopes legislation passed this year will change that.