Kailua Wastewater Stench

(KHNL) A malfunction at the Kailua Wastewater Treatment Plant this weekend has created a foul odor in the neighborhood.

It has been especially bad over the past few weeks.... when according to the Department of Health's Clean Water Branch - a hole in a pressurized tank has allowed more of the stink to sneak out.

For those who play next to the plant -- they say they're not always there when the smell comes and goes, but for those whose homes come with a view of the sewage system.

But that hole in the tank is not expected to be fixed in the near future, a part that had to be ordered was installed on Friday -- and is reportedly not working.

According to the D.O.H., another part may have to be ordered before the problem can be cleaned up, and for those most affected by the smell - the latest news really stinks!

Now until the problem is corrected, the city is reportedly trying to mask the smell with deodorants.