National Guard Troops Return Home To Hawaii

Eve & Master Sgt. Craig Ikeda
Eve & Master Sgt. Craig Ikeda
Staff Sgt. Clyde Bueno
Staff Sgt. Clyde Bueno

(KHNL-Joann Shin)

Eve Ikeda is no stranger to homecomings.

Her two sons were both deployed overseas.

They're back now, but she's still waiting for one more family member to return: her husband.

"It's exciting! It's been a long haul. Having our son Christopher go through it first, helped me to be not so anxious," Ikeda said.

Penny Bueno is here to welcome home her son Clyde.

He'll be trading his army green, for another uniform, HPD blue.

"You pray for his safe return. You know that everyone else is praying, but you hope that the Lord is listening to you. I guess he was, because he's home," Bueno said.

The excitement builds, as family and friends wait for the that moment these troops walk through the doors.

"It was great to finally be home! We were the last of brigade to leave Iraq, but it feels good to finally be home with our families," Staff Sergeant Clyde Bueno said.

For Eve's husband, Craig, this arrival marks the end of one chapter.

He's been in the Hawaii Army National Guard for almost 40 years.

He was never called to duty, until now.

At 59, this was his first and now last deployment.

"Just to know we were there and the things we did to help the Iraqi people, it's a great feeling," Master Sergeant Craig Ikeda said. "Another great feeling is coming home knowing that your family is waiting for you!"