Elderly Couple Rescued from Burning Home in Salt Lake

Charred remains of a vehicle inside a burnt-out carport in Salt Lake.
Charred remains of a vehicle inside a burnt-out carport in Salt Lake.

(KHNL) Honolulu fire fighters burst into a burning Salt Lake home Monday morning, rescuing an elderly couple trapped inside.

Flames could be seen from around the neighborhood as the fire bured the home on Likini Street in Salt Lake.

Fire companies responded to the alarm at about 6a.m.

Crew members first brought out an 80-year woman who was trapped inside.

"As we were advancing upon the home, we came upon her she was on the floor right in front of us. So, we alerted and we picked her up and brought her out the same window we came in," said HFD firefighter Todd Cabral.

Moments later crews found the 80-year man who also lived the home. Both victims were rushed to Kaiser Permanente in Moanalua, suffering severe smoke inhilation.

An HFD spokesman says a total of five people lived on the property. The elderly couple lived in the main house, while two nephews and one of the their girlfriend's stayed in a makeshift living quarters near the car port.

"Looking at the burn patters, it does appear the fire originated in the carport area," said HFD Captain Emmit Kane.

The two nephews had already left for work. The woman was already heading to a nearby busstop when she saw flames jutting from the house.

"Fortunately for her, she didn't suffer any exposure to the fire and her condition is physically good," said Kane.

The home is considered a total loss.  Exact damage estimates are expected later from HFD investigators.