Celebrating Chinese New Year

(KHNL) Well here in Chintown folks are celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Ask anyone what is their favorite part they will say the lion dance. Colorful lions prance through the heart of Chinatown.  They drive the crowd into a frenzy.Chinese hope for good luck in the New Year so they feed dollar bills to the hungry lions. These talented lion dancers with Au's Shaolin Arts perform non-stop. Judy Yusays you too can experience the Chinese culture. She adds, "it's all about family and wecoming the New Year and we welcome everybody."

There are traditional Chinese arts and crafts including good luck messages for the New Year. And tjhere's a taste of Chinatown every where. There were special crackers and soups and noodles.And there were fireworks to scare away the evil spirtis. Jason Pang says, "I believe more you pop more good luck more prosperity."   There's something for everyone in the Year of the Dog.

Anne' Au says, "Chinese New Year marks new energy for New Year.  There is a new moon and it's thebest time of year. There are celebrations, fireworks, lion dance, kung fu. how can it get any better?"

The party here in Chinatown will go on through Sunday.