Randy Iwase Announces His Run For Governor

Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Iwase (D)
Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Iwase (D)

(KHNL)  Six years ago, Randy Iwase closed his campaign fund and gave Kaimuki High School $1,000 to repair damage left by thieves. Friday, the former state senator returned to his alma mater to announce his plan to resume a political career.

A Democrat, Iwase said he wants to build more affordable housing, support public education and improve Hawaii's economy. He is the first Democrat to publicly announce a candidacy for governor.

"I believe that government must act. I believe that government is a force for justice," Iwase said.

He accused Governor Linda Lingle of being more concerned with public relations than public policy.

"As the gap between the cost to buy even a modest home and the salaries paid to us to buy that home grows, all we've gotten from the republican incumbent is flavor of the month issues and slick public relation announcements," Iwase said.

Lingle said she plans to raise $6 million to support her campaign. She declined to comment on Iwase's announcement but said she's ready to defend her seat.

"We've made tremendous progress in certain areas," Lingle said. "You never achieve everything you like to and there's always areas you could do better. So I'm looking forward to the campaign and I would like to serve another term."

Iwase said he can't match Lingle's campaign fund but he believe he can still reach voters.

"She has $6 million," Iwase said. "But we've got to understand politics is not about money, it's about people."