Henry Dela Cruz

HPD describes him as a classic "road rage" nightmare.


They tell us Henry Dela Cruz was riding in a car that ran a red light nearly causing a car crash.  The driver of the other vehicle says, when he pulled over a man got out of Dela Cruz's car and chased him with a hatchet.  But as if that wasn't enough to "freak him out", it got worse.  According to police, the victim said, Dela Cruz got out the car and came at him with a machete. Then he looked him in the eye and said he was going to kill him.


HPD tells us Dela Cruz and his driver hit the suspect, smashed his car window and made off before police could get there.


But the suspects’ luck would soon change...


According to HPD’s Sgt. Kim Capllonch, “Approximately one month later, the victim is driving and sees the car parked on the side of the road, and realizes that's the same car that cut him off and sees Henry Dela Cruz, the passenger.”


Dela Cruz was arrested, but never showed up in court.  Police are concerned he could be a dangerous threat to others and want him apprehended.


Henry Dela Cruz is five feet four inches tall.  He weighs about 130 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes.  He's known to hang out in the Kalihi area.