Hawaii Lawmakers Get Ready For A Political Battle

Rep. Ed Case (D) Hawaii
Rep. Ed Case (D) Hawaii

For the first time since a surprise announcement in Washington, two Hawaii lawmakers returned to the islands.

Representative Ed Case and Senator Daniel Akaka were once on the same democratic team.

Now they find themselves in opposing corners.

This campaign comes down to who the voters feel will do the most good for Hawaii.

A senior senator with influence and power now.

Or someone who would like to be a senator for many more years to come that could be an influential force in the future.

Case's announcement comes after he saw a need to prepare for the future - a future without Senator Inouye in office.

Hawaii's ranking lawmaker holds a lot of power and influence in Washington.

Case's future includes a younger senator serving and gaining senority.

But Akaka - who has served in the senate for the past 16 years - doesn't want Hawaii to lose his influence.

These two have talked about the race for the senate seat and talk has also included the touchy subject of retirement for the 81-year-old senator.

"I've known him and loved him for 30 years," said Rep. Ed Case. "I think there's a time to consider moving on."

"In our chat he did say he was hoping I'd retire," Senator Daniel Akaka responded. "So my answer was I was running."

While these two politicans disagree over who and what's best for the state, they do agree that stirring up interest and giving voters more choices is good for democracy.

And they hope this race will get more voters involved in this year's election.