Driver Shows Remorse in Court for Pedestrian's Death

(KHNL)  Andres Paredes was sentenced to 20 years in jail, after he drove a car that hit and killed a woman along Diamond Head road in March 2004.

"I'm very sorry for what I've done, I take full responsibility," said Paredes.

He was found guilty last year, when the car he was driving, hit and killed 76-year-old Barbara Gallicchio, who was walking along Diamond Head road. The prosecutor said Paredes had been smoking ice.

Judge Dexter Del Rosario said although Paredes had no prior record and came from a good family, the facts of this crime remained: he couldn't kick his drug habit and that led to the loss of life.

The judge sentenced him to 20 years behind bars, but had a tough time with the decision. He said Paredes, who called 911 after he hit Gallichio and remained on scene, was basically a good person with a drug problem.

"However I would like to state for the record that I have trouble with the 20-year-prison term because it may under these circumstances be excessive," said Del Rosario.

It's now up to the parole board to decide just how long Paredes will remain in jail.

"And when we have those types of people in our community driving, it creates a danger for all of us because you don't know where they're coming, it's like a shot in the dark," said Deputy Prosecutorf Don Pacarro.