Governor Lingle gave some explanation of not only what needed to be done, but how it should be done in her annual "State of the State" address on Monday morning.  A lot of what she suggested will be discussed and dissected by the legislature, for surely, the devil is always in the details when state money is being distributed.


But with our economy on a roll, some of the ideas and suggestions make a lot of sense on the surface.  Saving some of the surplus tax money for our rainy day fund so that when things slow down we have a cushion; adjusting lower income tax brackets and providing relief in the form of tax credits; spending more now for school repairs, maintenance, and construction; adding special purpose revenue bonds to aid in economic development projects like housing; adding immediate dollars to clean up our beaches and parks and dollars for highway retro-fitting and construction.


It all sounds pretty good today, doesn't it?  Check back in four months to see what sticks, as your legislators analyze, rationalize and politicize everything in this election year.  Everyone will have a chance to be heard and then do something this year, and not just think about it