A "Giant" Retirement

(KHNL) The flight from Honolulu to Hilo may be short, but a C-130 and its crew have logged a lot of miles.

Lieutenant Colonel James Yuki began his military career flying this aircraft.

"I started flying C-130's in Hawaii and ended flying this C-130, which i think is fitting," Lt. Colonel Yuki said.

The plane is so big, it's transported everything from fire trucks to helicopters.

It's also taken Yuki all over the world.

"We stop and spend the night in all these little places, like Johnson Island," he said.

The Hawaii Air National Guard has used C-130's since 1984.

But the planes are now being replaced by faster, larger C-17 cargo jets.

It's a bittersweet good-bye for many.

"People make fun of the C-130 because it's slow and they say we take bird strikes from behind. But kind of like life, the destination is not always the most important thing, sometimes it's the journey. The 130 has landed in a lot of places those big jets don't get to land," said Lieutenant Colonel Gerry Mansell.

An aircraft that's not just a carrier of cargo, but a carrier of memories.

According to Mansell, "we're leaving with a lot of memories. It's not a pretty airplane, but it's great air plane!"