Sister Testifies In Child Abuse Case

Samita Hall appears in court, charged with the beating of his girlfriend's son.
Samita Hall appears in court, charged with the beating of his girlfriend's son.

(KHNL) --  An 11-year-old girl took the witness stand and testified against her mother's boyfriend at a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

The defendant, Samita Hall, is accused of beating the girl's four-year-old brother.

Samita Hall returned to a familiar place, inside a courtroom.

Previously convicted of assaulting his six-week-old son, Hall now stands accused of savagely beating his girlfriend's child, four-year-old Treshawn, at their Kapahulu apartment last week.

The boy's 11-year-old sister says it started when a basket of toys accidentally fell on their one-year-old brother, Travis.

"He started crying," Taleena Kepa, 11, said.

"He started crying, okay. And then what happened?" Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor Glenn Kim asked.

"He went to Samita," Kepa responded.

She says hall ordered all of the step-siblings into his room. Treshawn then took the blame.

"Was it bleeding and everything?" Kim asked.

"No, it was just a little scratch," the girl said.

"So when (Hall) asked Treshawn if he did the scratch, what did Treshawn say?" Kim asked.


"He said, yes? Did Treshawn cause the scratch?" Kim asked.

"Nno," Kepa responded.

She says she later saw the suspect beating Treshawn.

"You passed the room and what?" Kim asked.

"i saw him holding Treshawn, Samita holding treshawn down and punching him in the face," Kepa said.

Later, paramedics rushed the boy to Kapiolani Medical Center, where he stopped breathing.

Doctors say the child has since improved, but is at risk for long-term complications.

The judge found enough evidence to send the assault case to trial.

Hall is scheduled to be arraigned at Circuit Court February 6th.