North Shore Skydiver Seeks to Launch First Response Team

(KHNL)  A group of skydivers are hoping to make their sport safer with a new first response team.

This comes after a sky diving instructor and his student were killed in accident two weeks ago.

69-year-old Erich Max Mueller and his 33-year-old Japanese student missed the turn to the drop zone at Dillingham Airfield and ended up in the ocean and drowned.

Mueller's friend and fellow skydiver George Rivera says the pair could have been saved if a response team was in place.

Rivera says team members can help stabilize the victim until rescue personnel arrive on the scene.

If you would like to help them out by donating items such as boats, life vests, walkie talkies, you can reach George Rivera at: 637-3437 or 342-3484. His email address is: