Kakaako Development Protestors Converge on Capitol

Ron Iwami
Ron Iwami
Protestors for Save Our Kakaako march to the State Capitol Monday.
Protestors for Save Our Kakaako march to the State Capitol Monday.

(KHNL) Hundreds of people took to the streets, protesting the development of Kakaako Makai.

The group gathered at Kakaako Park and marched to the State Capitol, where they hoped to attract the Governor Lingle's attention.

The group Save Our Kakaako, is against A&B Properties planned development, which will include two condo towers.

They're trying to prevent the sale of public land, and would like officials to go back to the drawing board, seek more public input and come up with a plan everyone's happy with.

"So if we start to encroach on the ocean and build where the public has no access, you're gonna lose surfers, divers, fishermen," said Ron Iwami of Save Our Kakaako.

The group has already held several rallies and attracted support from state leaders.

Governor Lingle didn't address the crowd, but her press secretary added the group onto her agenda.

She hopes to meet with them February 1st.

Officials from A&B Properties were also at the Capitol. They say they are taking public input into consideration and have already scaled back on the project.

"If you're going to implement HCDA's vision for this area which is to create a live, work, play community, by definition, you need residences," said Stan Kuriyama, CEO of A&B Properties.

The Hawaii Community Development Authority is taking a look at this revised plan and a decision on the project could be made early February.