Patrick Amerino

Police tell us, in February of 2000, Patrick Amerino was employed in Honolulu as a security officer at Bishop Square.  They tell us, one of the businesses there reported valuable, stolen equipment.


In April, investigators found the missing items at two different pawn shops.


Amerino was identified in a photo line-up as the man who brought in the stolen items.  And his finger print matched one lifted from a transaction form at one of the pawn shops.  After he was arrested, he also confessed to stealing other copies of building keys.


He has a 30-thousand dollar warrant out for his arrest.  And police need your help to bring him in.

Patrick Amerino is 32 years old.  He's five feet nine inches tall and weighs 186 pounds.

Amerino is bald and has brown eyes.


He a tattoo of the letter "j" on his right arm.  And the word "jury" on his upper left arm.  The words "local boy" are on the back on his left shoulder.