Cement Strike Averted

Teamster President Mel Kahele
Teamster President Mel Kahele

(KHNL) They worked long into the night to come-up with a new deal.   And now union and company negotiators have cemented an agreement that will keep the local concrete industry going.

Two and a half hours after the midnight strike deadline a deal was struck and both parties shook on an agreement that will keep cement flowing freely in the islands for the next five years.

After coming away from the bargaining table both sides felt like they got what they were after.

"I'm very pleased with the settlement - we were successful ...good for the company and the employees" said Mike Coad, Vice President of Hawaiian Cement.

The workers will get a total of $4.25 an hour more, spread out over the five year deal with more money upfront to help offset the cost of employees picking up the 20% co-pay on their medical benefits.

The tentative agreement still needs to be radified by the 20 members of the cement workers union, but the union representative feels strongly that its members will give this deal the thumbs up.