"I Did What Anybody Else Would Have Done"

Petty Officer First Class Larry Cummins
Petty Officer First Class Larry Cummins

(KHNL) While many people are calling him a hero, Petty Officer First Class Larry Cummins says what he did was not heroic. He says he did what anybody else would do.

It's a frightening scene, a car  underwater. When Larry Cummins noticed the white Cadillac, he knew he had to act fast.

"We saw stuff floating and we saw some bubbles here and there. Just a gut instinct, I thought, you know, I don't see anybody swimming and if that's the car then someone is inside the car."

Cummins jumped in. The water was so murky he could hardly see.  At the same time someone called for help.

911 Caller: "The car is completely underwater I don't know if there's air in it or not. He said the windows are up.We've got a diver in there right now."

Dispatch: "...got to try to break that window. We've got cars coming already."

Caller: "Try to break the window?"

Dispatch: "Yeah try to break that window. There's somebody in there."

Instead Cummins tried to open every door, finally opening the door on the driver's side.

"I started sweeping the back seat, just taking my arm like that, that's when I felt some hair and just got a hold of the hair. I got somebody there, I'm not letting go."

Cummins was holding on the 15 year old girl who he ultimately pulled out of the water. At first unconscious, the girl was later revived. Her step-grandfather, 66 year old Michael McCarthy did not survive.

Despite that tragedy one life was saved.
"I just feel that I did anybody else would have done, I just happened to be there." said Cummins.

Cummins spoke to the girl's father yesterday and he says she is doing well. The two plan to meet soon.