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January 20, 2006

Sony Scores

Another successful Sony Open in Hawaii came and went last weekend.  I was fortunate enough to play in the Sony golf Pro Am event and get involved with various connected festivities, so my perspective on this event and some others is not purely objective.


But the impact of events such as these- the positive response of the guests, both local and tourists, the TV and press coverage, the fact that we can host yet another world class event- surely all of this overshadows some of the inconvenience we hear about from local commuters, homeowners, pedestrians, and shoppers.


Yes, logistics and planning need to be done with all of these events-concerts, sporting events, celebrations, parades- to ensure as little turmoil as possible in our everyday lives, but the price people pay here is manini compared to the exposure and goodwill that these events provide.  The Sony Open, the Pro Bowl, the Honolulu Marathon, surf events, U2 at the Stadium- all good stuff.  Plan accordingly, because you know when these events are coming, and then enjoy.  Think about it…

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