Idle Worship

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, some 14 year-old, young lady will hit a golf ball straight, and hit it 300 yards.  And suddenly, all of the cameras will turn to that youngster.  And then maybe Michelle Wie will be able to go about her growth and development without the constant clicks, stares, and questions. Maybe.


We have an amazing capacity in this country and in our society to build people up with sometimes unrealistic expectations and timetables, at which point some people have the bizarre unstated goal of then tearing these very same people down- she’s not ready for prime time, she needs to work on her putting, she should only play against women, etc.


We focus on every nook and cranny of instant celebrities, and then some warped individuals gloat when the star du jour goes down in flames, even if it’s only a single bad round.  Come on, you heard it, just like I did. Relax paparazzi, sycophants, and cynics.  Back off, and enjoy the ride.  Think about it…


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