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Emergency Call Released in Harbor Car Plunge

(KHNL)  Fear turns to panic as a 15-year old girl tries to explain to fire dispatchers that she's stuck in a sinking car.

A copy of that 9-1-1 call was released Tuesday afternoon, shedding light on Saturday's fatal accident at the Waikiki Yacht Club.

Dispatcher: Fire department?

Caller: I'm in Waikiki Yacht Club and we're sinking in the car. And I can't open the door.

D: Okay, where are you?

C: In Waikiki Yacht Club.

D: At the yacht club?

C: And the water...

D: I'm sorry what is your problem? What is happening?

C: I'm in the car, I can't open the door and the water's coming in and we're sinking. I don't wanna drown.

D: Waikiki yacht club?

C: Yes.

D: Okay we're sending some trucks.

C: Please hurry. The girl survived after being pulled out by a witness. Her step-grandfather, 66-year old attorney Michael McCarthy, would not make it.

Autopsy results released Tuesday say he drowned.

McCarthy was an insurance lawyer. He represented former state senator Marshall Ige in 2001.

McCarthy would join Geico Insurance two years ago as its managing staff attorney.

"He lived a long full life, but had clearly a lot more to do, to enjoy, to experience," said Tim Dayton, general manager of Geico Hawaii.

Dayton said he knew McCarthy since the early 80s.

"He was a person who traveled the world," said Dayton. "Seemed to know a little bit about an awful lot of things that you could talk with, and just about have an interesting conversation on any topic."

Dayton said McCarthy had two passions -- boating and cooking.

Dayton said he also loved his two daughters very much.

"You miss a friend. You miss a co worker, you miss a valuable part of Geico's operation," said Dayton. "You miss people like that in many different ways, but your responsibility is to go on."

McCarthy's step-granddaughter was released from the hospital Monday, and relatives say she is doing fine.

Funeral services for McCarthy is scheduled for Sunday at Borthwick Mortuary. Family and friends are welcome.

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