Miracle Baby Heading Home

A baby boy on Oahu is out of the hospital Monday night and in the arms of a loving family.

Little Josiah Fay was delivered after his mother was declared brain dead.

Sarah Fay's lifeless body was found on the Big Island on November 25th after alledgedly being beaten by her boyfriend Marwann Jackson.

Sarah was pronoucned dead, but her baby - Josiah - still lived inside her and was born by cesarian section nearly three weeks later.

Nearly five weeks after that Josiah has been eating regularly and gaining weight.

He's now up to 5 and half pounds and was healthy enough to leave the hospital on Monday.

Sarah's brother Michael and his wife Carrie have started the legal process to raise Josiah as their own.

They're already adjusting to life as new parents - including the many feedings for a newborn, as well as the many changing of diapers.

The Fay family leaves Hawaii on Tuesday.

And while raising Josiah will be their main focus, the Fays are also trying to help others in abusive relationships.

They have started up a helpful website to hopefully make a difference in others lives as well.